Friday, March 27, 2009

All Rise?

Spring is in the air, and of course with spring in Texas comes unpredictable, sometimes stormy weather. Like my mother, and probably my Memaw too, rainy weather always puts me in the baking mood. Around our family, clouds and rain mean it's "chocolate chip cookie" weather. Last week, after a few days of rain, and chocolate chip cookies passed around the neighborhood, I moved on to baking cinnamon rolls. After an hour of watching the dough refuse to rise, my husband, Derek called. Our conversation went something like this.

"Hi Sweetheart. What are you doing?"

"Oh, just putting cinnamon rolls in the dishwasher."


"I made homemade cinnamon rolls. I just put them in the dishwasher."

"Are we supposed to eat them ...after that?"

"Of course!"

What my sweet, non-culinary husband doesn't know is that in order for yeast dough to rise properly, it needs a warm, moist environment. Since it was a cool, rainy day, my kitchen felt more like a cave than a bakery...not exactly optimal for tall, fluffy treats. In a moment of genius (or insanity) I realized that my dishwasher would be the perfect habitat for my struggling pastry. I had just put away clean dishes, and the dishwasher was still warm, steamy and freshly sterilized. I put the pans of cinnamon rolls inside, and within 30 minutes, I had perfecly risen buns, ready for the oven. As they baked, their amazing smell filling the air, I found myself thinking about how amazing it is that just a little heat, applied at the right time, causes a mix of average ingredients to rise, and then be fully baked to become something wonderful.

Maybe you have been feeling the heat in your own life lately. I know I have! Whether it's the economy, trouble on the homefront, pain in your body...or in your soul, sometimes the situation feels too hot to handle. But, maybe this is your moment, your time to rise. Maybe you're in the very place that will cause you to become who God created you to be. It is easy to lose heart in tough times, but know that ALL things, at ALL times are at work for your good....for your accomplish what God wants to in your life (Romans 8:28, Jennifer's paraphrase). Use the heat to make you better, to push you to being a better you. In the end, girlfriend, the reward really will be sweet!


  1. Ok so why didn't I get some of the yummy treats you made??? LOL love you girl hope you are doing well!

  2. Thought I left you a comment about this post....a while back....i think i wrote one but blogger wouldn't let me post I've forgotten what I wrote! LOL I will have to remember that cooking techique of putting the buns in the dishwasher! I think Martha and Paula need to hear about it! Love your new birdy background!